Flexible Metal & Chrome Trim

Flexible Metal & Chrome Trim

When it comes to decorative and protective flexible “metal” trim, Display Trim is recognized for reliability and performance. Our plastic gold, bronze and chrome trim finishes give the look of costly metal trim, while offering superior pliability and resistance.

We are recognized as one of the world’s leading flexible metal trim and flexible chrome trim manufacturers, and we supply customers with small manufacturing runs as well large-volume orders. With both standard and custom trim sizes, colors and profiles, our protective and decorative trim is manufactured to meet the needs of even the most unique application.

Display Trim flexible metal and chrome trim manufacturer processes are proven to provide a superior Mylar® to PVC bond, securely adhering the metallic finish to the PVC base. Our flexible trim products can be reliably installed on virtually any surface, including applications with extremely tight radii bends, and provide a high-gloss gold, bronze or chrome trim finish for a touch of “bling”.

Easy to apply and cost effective, Display Trim flexible metal trim and flexible chrome trim is ideal for small or large projects.

Flexible Metal & Chrome Trim Applications

Available for virtually any surface and in any shape, Display Trim is recognized as the leading flexible metal trim and flexible chrome trim manufacturer by customers around the world. Our chrome trim is excellent for fashion, cosmetic, lighting and display industry use, and features reflective capabilities that provide a bright, clean look and a slick, metallic finish. Our flexible metal trim and flexible chrome trim is often used as:

  • Commercial and retail display protection and decoration
  • Counter accent chrome trim for a metallic look
  • Framing and fixture edging
  • Wall accents, decoration and protection

A Custom Flexible Metal Trim Manufacturer

A division of Cowles Products, Display Trim is recognized for industry-leading expertise in plastic extrusion, and produces the highest quality flexible metal trim and flexible chrome trim. Our products can be manufactured in a wide array of standard and custom colors and finishes, and we can work with you to create a solution for your specific needs.

Customers around the world rely on Display Trim as their go-to “plastic metal” resource. We are the leading flexible metal trim and flexible chrome trim manufacturer for even the most rugged and unique decorative and protective applications.

For more on our custom flexible metal trim and flexible chrome trim manufacturing, please view our buy modvigil Custom Profiles & Colors.

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Flexible Chrome Trim

Flexible Chrome Trim

Flexible Metal Trim

Flexible Metal Trim