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“U” and Flat Edge Trim

“U” and Flat Edge Trim

Our U-shaped channel edge trim and flat edge trim molding gives a perfect finish every time. Whether you are looking for bright yellow “rubber” edge trim or wood grain plastic edging, our unique extrusion process provides durable, effective protection and decoration.

With both standard and custom U-shaped and flat edge profiles, Display Trim offers a wide variety of extruded plastic edge trim colors, sizes and film finishes. Our products provide proven performance and adhesion, even in applications with extremely tight radii bends.

Edge Trim Applications

Ideal for both permanent and semi-permanent edge trim applications, Display Trim U-shaped and flat edge trim products are ideal for use as protective covers on sharp edges or to give a finished look. Our extruded plastic trim is commonly used as:

  • Menu board protective edge trim
  • Point-of-purchase (POP) display edge trim
  • Cardboard display edge trim
  • Protective edge trim covers for corners
  • Interior and exterior signage edge trim
  • Fabricated part edge trim and protection
  • Furniture tabletop and desk edge trim

Types of Standard “U” Channel Edge Trim

"U" Channel Molding Profiles

  • “U” Shape Plastic Edge Trim Profile
  • Square “U” Shape Plastic Edge Trim Profile
  • Rounded Shape Plastic Edge Trim Profile

Types of Standard Flat Edge Trim

Flat Edge Molding Profiles

  • Half Round Plastic Edge Trim Profile
  • Flat With Bead Plastic Edge Trim Profile
  • Flat Without Bead Plastic Edge Trim Profile

A Custom Plastic Edge Trim Manufacturer

A division of Cowles Products, Display Trim is recognized for industry-leading expertise in plastic edge trim manufacturing. Our products often replace rubber edge trim, due to superior performance, and can be manufactured in a wide array of standard and custom colors and profiles to meet your specific needs.

Customers around the world rely on Display Trim as their go-to plastic edge trim manufacturer for even the most rugged and unique edge trim decoration and protection applications.

For more on our custom plastic edge trim manufacturing, please view our Custom Profiles & Colors.

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“U” Shape Profile for Glass Edge Trim” Shape Profile

“U” Shape Profile for Glass Edge Trim

“U” Shape Profile for Corrugated POP Display Edge Trim

“U” Shape Profile for Corrugated POP Display Edge Trim

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