The Benefits of Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing

Customers often ask what makes plastic extrusion manufacturing solutions different than other products, and how extruded molding and trim solves unique challenges. While the benefits are often based on your needs and concerns of your application, Display Trim delivers a variety of molding and trim performance and design benefits far superior than alternatives.

For most customers, the benefits of plastic extrusion manufacturing fall into two categories: style and performance. While these benefits are derived from the materials used, as well as the plastic extrusion manufacturing process itself, the result is molding and trim products that deliver unmatched results in a wide variety of applications.

Style & Aesthetic Benefits of Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing

Plastic extrusion manufacturing provides a wide variety of aesthetic benefits, that allow for an extremely wide variety of looks and styles, such as:

  • Colors – with standard colors to color-matching, even to a Pantone® (PMS) color, Display Trim plastic extrusion manufacturing offers a virtually unlimited color palette.
  • Shapes – with standard and customized dies, profiles can be created for your exact application. From century-old architectural molding, to profiles that prevent bumps and damage, our team can develop a plastic extrusion manufacturing profile shape specifically for you.
  • Sizes – if you need to fill a gap or wrap molding or trim around a unique edge shape or shelf, plastic extrusion manufacturing provides flexibility in profiles size and installation with precision control.
  • Unlimited length – plastic extrusion manufacturing allows for trim and molding without set length limitations – the only restriction is how heavy you want the material to be when prepared for shipment.
  • Finish variety – from metal to wood to carbon fiber, Display Trim plastic extrusion manufacturing produces molding and trim that can replicate the look of high-end materials without the problems with cost and performance.

Performance Benefits of Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing

With its ability to be installed in a wide variety of applications, molding and trim products made from plastic extrusion can withstand wear-and-tear while maintaining a “like-new” look for years. The performance benefits of plastic extrusion manufacturing are extensive, with customers often noting:

  • Flexibility – our molding and trim wraps around shapes, bends, and can even handle tight radial corners without kinking, distorting or breaking.
  • Strength – durable materials combined with quality plastic extrusion manufacturing produce molding and trim with strength far superior than any wood, metal or rubber product.
  • Long life – with a plastic composition, our products can provide durable, long-life and resist damage, rot and material fatigue.
  • Environmental flexibility – Display Trim plastic extrusion manufacturing can be installed indoors and outdoors, and resist temperature fluctuations, rain, dirt and exposure.
  • Easy cleaning – our trim and molding can be wiped clean with water or a simple water/alcohol solution, and return to like-new condition with little maintenance or upkeep.
  • Consistent product quality – our expert plastic extrusion manufacturing quality controls can produce trim and molding with the same specifications and style, even years apart.
  • Easy application – with u-channels and shapes that easily install over edges, and available 3M® Acrylic Foam Tape, our products can arrive ready for installation.

Plastic Extrusion Cost-Savings

While some of the benefits noted above, such as specialty finishes, customized profiles and color matching can add to production costs, plastic extrusion manufacturing often produces products at a lower cost than alternatives. Compared metal or wood solutions, molding and trim made by plastic extrusion manufacturing often costs less, and provides far superior customization.

Additionally, when evaluating cost savings, customers often look to the total cost of the product. While there can be a savings at time of purchase, plastic extrusion manufacturing creates molding and trim that solves performance challenges. Display Trim products can reduce warranty costs, provide long-lifespan, and provide durability that resists wear-and-tear and damage often found in commercial and industrial applications.

Products made with plastic extrusion manufacturing are also easy to install, reducing labor costs, and are delivered “ready-for-use”, without the need for drying times or setting, providing further production savings.

At Your Service

Plastic extrusion manufacturing provides a wide variety of benefits and capabilities, and can be tailored to the needs of your application. Display Trim is happy to advise on material composition, profile engineering, tooling and design to deliver a plastic extrusion manufacturing solution that meets your exact needs.

We offer a wide variety of fabrication services for your plastic extrusion manufacturing order – including drilling, welding, forming and cutting to size – all so our trim and molding products are easy-to-use in your application.

Our extensive production capabilities also include range of added services for our customers, including contract manufacturing, private label and custom packaging, warehousing, and distribution.

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