What is Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing?

Display Trim offers unmatched expertise in custom plastic extrusion manufacturing. Our reputation for excellence is built on the quality of our processes, our production expertise and our dedication to service. We provide a wide variety of standard and custom plastic extrusion manufacturing services to customers around the world, with profile shapes, sizes, colors and finishes that can all be tailored to meet your needs.

Our customized plastic extrusion manufacturing processes are specially designed to deliver quality and performance, and are ideal for commercial, public and industrial applications. With protective molding and trim, decorative molding, display and shelf holders as well as specialty molding solutions, Display Trim products serve the performance and durability needs of a wide variety of industries and applications.

While the benefits provided by plastic extrusion manufacturing are extensive, it is our quality processes and our dedication to understanding the unique concerns of each customer that make Display Trim the leader in custom plastic extrusion manufacturing solutions.

What is Custom Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing

In custom plastic extrusion manufacturing, raw plastic materials (commonly small pellets) are heated and melt. During this process, the Display Trim team can modify colors, finishes and product rigidity with specialized additives, such as colorants and UV inhibitors, which are strictly controlled. The heating process is a delicate balance, controlling not only applied heats, but also monitoring and reacting to the heat produced by the extrusion machinery, to ensure the material is at the ideal state to be formed.

Material is fed through a heated barrel, with pressures and friction applied as the material moves, turning the mixture into a molten state. As it exits the barrel, the material is screened to remove any particles that did not achieve the proper consistency. This not only removes contaminants, but also eliminates the “rotational memory” of the polymers, allowing the material to be reformed into a new shape, without the tendency to return to its original state.

The plastic then undergoes the extruding process. The material is forced through a die, which creates the profile shape, creating one, long molding or trim product. In custom plastic extrusion manufacturing, our team works with you to design and develop your own specialized die shape, though Display Trim also stocks a wide variety of standard profiles that customers can select, and which can help to lower production costs.

After the plastic is extruded, and the profile shape formed, it undergoes a controlled cooling process. Sometimes this cooling occurs in a water bath, which rapidly reduces the plastic temperatures, and allows the product to be packaged.

The experienced Display Trim team applies their years of custom plastic extrusion manufacturing expertise to ensure our products achieve the durability, style and finish required for your unique application.

Custom Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing Applications

There are a wide variety of applications for custom plastic extrusion manufacturing. Some customers look to plastic extrusion for its ability to achieve extremely long lengths. Others note its extreme durability, with long lifespan and little damage, even after repeated impacts. While the variety of benefits is extensive, often it is the complexity of a customer application that makes custom plastic extrusion manufacturing the ideal solution. With our ability to develop molding and trim products that solve performance concerns, while also giving the right the look and style in an installation, Display Trim custom plastic extrusion manufacturing is often the clear choice.

Display Trim is happy to work with you to develop a custom plastic extrusion manufacturing solution for your molding and trim challenge. Some of the major markets we serve include: Point of Purchase, Signage & Exhibits, Retail Stores, Architecture, Metal Fabrication, Industry, Refrigeration and Gaming.

Our custom plastic extrusion manufacturing of decorative molding, chrome-look trim, protective molding and trim, as well as display and shelf trim and is ideal for public, retail and commercial environments.

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We also offer a full range of added services to our customers, including contract manufacturing, private label and custom packaging, warehousing, and distribution.

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