Added Supplier Services

Display Trim is the leading resource for plastic extrusion manufacturing. We offer a full line of standard and custom trim profiles to meet even the most demanding application requirements.

We partner with customers and provide additional services that other plastic extrusion suppliers do not offer, helping to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our customer-centric approach tailors each order to the customer, delivering proven plastic extrusion manufactured products and a variety of value-added services.

Plastic Extrusion Supplier Assemblies

In addition to contract manufacturing of decorative and protective trim solutions, Display Trim can manage the assembly of products that include parts we supply, as well as components that we source from other vendors. Our existing relationships with metal stamping, plastic injection and other manufacturing companies allows us to deliver orders ready to install into your products, and helps to ensure low costs and streamlined operations. Customers around the world rely on Display Trim as their go-to resource for any solution with plastic extrusion supply requirements, and we take pride on our ability to be a one-stop-shop for our customers.

Packaging, Warehousing and Shipping

More than just a plastic extrusion supplier, Display Trim is a division of Cowles Products, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive trim. Our ability to leverage existing Cowles Products production lines, located here in the same facility, allows Display Trim to offer a unique and extensive range of post-manufacturing packaging, warehousing and fulfillment capabilities.

Transportation of plastic extrusions can be a big expense. Rather than move an order multiple times to multiple locations, Display Trim manufactures all of our plastic extrusion orders in one large plant, moving completed plastic extruded trim directly to our packaging department and then to our distribution area. This efficient, lean manufacturing process saves time and money.

Display Trim services include:

  • Retail Product and Private Label Packaging – If the plastic extruded product we are supplying is destined for the retail market, we can assist in every step of the process, including private label packaging.
  • Parts and Components – We can provide packaging and distribution of plastic extruded supplies as well as other parts and components that are destined for distributors, jobbers, assembly facilities, etc.
  • Package Design and Development – We have extensive experience in the design of packaging, as well as relationships with reliable packaging manufacturers. We offer a wide variety of options for your plastic extrusion supplies including:
    • Clamshell packaging
    • Blister packaging
    • Boxes
    • Reels
    • Shrink wrapping
    • Skin packaging

Kitting Services

Display Trim is unique in our flexible capabilities. Not only are we one of the industry’s leading suppliers of plastic extrusions, we also provide kitting of products we produce with products supplied by you and products we source from other vendors.

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